Middle School

At AISN our middle school/High School program grades 7-12 strives to nurture and develop students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our experienced and committed faculty provide a warm and caring atmosphere where students collaborate constructively, think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively. Teaching and learning at AISN celebrates the many ways people work together to construct meaning and make sense of the world. Our program is learner-centered with the teacher as facilitator and critical resources. At AISN students construct knowledge through critical thinking, primary and secondary resources, and hands-on activities that engage them with the content they need. Student works collaboratively in groups, independently or in partners where thinking and the support of thinking are the goals.

Assessments are done based on clearly defined learning objectives and take the forms of exams, tests or quizzes, in class work, and homework. Student learning is reported on a standard letter grade scale. In the middle and high school our students learn through self-reflection, teacher evaluations, and teacher feedback all in support of a process based learning environment where learners create meaning by exploring new ideas and experiences, generating hypotheses, problem solving, and engaging with planned activities designed to get them thinking. Teacher-student dialogue is supported through conferring, questioning, and wondering. In our middle and high school classrooms shared responsibility and student decision making are encouraged and planned for. When students are encouraged to ask questions they become empowered as learner.

We value the home-school partnership and we are committed to promoting a positive, collaborative and trusting environment for students to learn, teachers to grow, and parents to participate.