Young learners thrive in a learning environment that actively promotes social interaction, a sense of belonging, collaboration, exploration, and appropriate challenges. At AISN our Kindergarten students are engaged in learning through play, individual and group investigations and guided inquiry.

The K classroom is set up to reflect different children’s needs and interests, to inspire creativity, and to empower students with a love of learning.

Children have time to develop their own themes, models and stories through role-play, construction, art and craft and small world play.

  • Teachers support ‘free inquiry’ and encourage each child to extend their learning.
  • Guided activities are planned for each day, either in small groups or one on one.
  • Teacher led activities are designed to support the development and reinforcement of math concepts, emerging literacy and language skills and knowledge about the world around them.
  • Kindergarten have P.E, which includes swimming and dance; Music and French.
  • Children are encouraged to participate in the ECA programme (Extra Curricula Activities) after school.
  • Assessment is based on daily observations and specific evaluations and focuses on process as much as product. Formal assessment is provided in written reports four times a year as well as meetings with teachers and student led conferences.
  • Teachers use AERO standards as a curriculum guide for core subjects and developing units of inquiry.
  • Parents are welcome to visit and engage with their students learning.
  • Connections between home and school are highly valued.

We look forward to sharing our special magic with you!